Yesterday was my birthday. It’s kind of weird thinking that I am “this old”. Yet, I have to say that I am feeling pretty good for a guy my age. I am declaring that I am moving forward. I am not going to let life’s circumstances hold me back. I have learned a lot this past two 1/2 years. I do know that God has a plan for me. I do know that our time on this round orb is a small only a small portion of eternity. I do know that the promise of Heaven awaits us. I do know that what we do on this earth is rewarded in Heaven. So, on this day that I celebrate another year, I re-commit to God, to His plan in my life. I commit to seeking Him in everything. I commit to waiting and listening for His instructions for my life.

I miss my honey tremendously. I also know that there is a great reunion awaiting us some day. And, I must continue to follow the path that He has set for me; today.

Happy Birthday to me. Let’s do this.