My name is Les Flue. My life was forever changed on December 24, 2016 when my wife of 45 years and the love of my life died unexpectedly resulting from a fall and head injury.

Terry and I were married on October 22, 1971, at the Kent Lutheran Church.  We had met at the Sea-Tac airport where I worked for Continental Airlines and she worked for Host International.

During the 45 years of our marriage, we have been blessed with our two children and four grand children.

Terry was afflicted for many years by diabetes, that turned into kidney failure, and (eventually) dialysis.  I was honored to be able to be her care giver during that time.

On the evening of December 23, 2016, Terry fell and struck her head.  She went to bed as she normally would, but she did not make it through the night.  Suddenly, I have a 45 year hole in my spirit, my life, and my being.  I struggle each and every day to discern what God would have for me to fill this hole and to further Him in my (new) world.

When Terry passed, I made a commitment to her to serve others and spread the love and caring that she shared with our children, grand children, family, and friends.

As I process my own healing journey through this blog and my journaling, my wish is that this becomes a part of fulfilling my promise to my honey and following God’s lead to be able to encourage others in their own struggles and bring understanding to those who have lost and are in their own grief journey.

Life Changes – Our Purpose Changes

After Terry went home to be with our Lord, my life’s path set out on a new journey.  God has now given me a new purpose in life.  Or, has this been there all along?  My new mission is to Re-impact – to serve and give hope, love, and support to those following me in the paths of life that we have in common.  May this new path in my Journey be comfort and a living testimony.