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Moving Forward in A New Journey

Life Changes – Our Purpose Changes

After Terry went home to be with our Lord, my life’s path set out on a new journey.  God has now given me a new purpose in life.  Or, has this been there all along?  My new mission is to Re-impact – to serve and give hope, love, and support to those following me in the paths of life that we have in common.  May this new path in my Journey be comfort and a living testimony.

Falling In Love Again

It all started on July 11, 2019. "Well, hi Les! Nice to meet you. You’re just as handsome in these pictures as you are in the other. I’m very sorry about your wife, I know how hard and painful it is to lose a spouse, as my husband died several years ago. So if you...

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Another Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. It's kind of weird thinking that I am "this old". Yet, I have to say that I am feeling pretty good for a guy my age. I am declaring that I am moving forward. I am not going to let life's circumstances hold me back. I have learned a lot this...

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Easter 2019

Today is Easter. Today I am really struggling. I am sitting here at Wildrose (our spot). The sun is shining down. The river is flowing. A butterfly swoops in. I am really missing you. I feel your presence. Music is soothing. Basking in the sun is relaxing. Watching...

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When my lovely Terry passed on Christmas eve of 2016, I was crushed and my life was totally changed.  We often hear about the several stages of grief, but I can attest that there is a constant onslaught of waves, not just stages. The onslaught and experience of these...

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Good News Friday

#goodnewsfriday - Lately, I have been starting to feel the "urge" to push forward. After Terry Flue passed, I felt God's push that my life path had been radically changed to one of serving others similar times of their lives. Over the past 27 months, I have gotten a...

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Follow the Path

At a recent retreat, our pastors received this vision from the Lord. The vision started on on a small, animal trail in the woods.   The path was very narrow, and hardly able to be seen.  The branches and overgrowth were dense.  You could barely see in front of you...

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Merry Christmas

It was Christmas Eve, 2016 when Terry went home. There are many words I can use to express these past two years. Rough - missing my BFF. Renewing - God has set me on this new journey of Re-Impact. Waiting - taking pauses when things need to be worked through. Blessed...

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Another Story about Leaning In

Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the 2nd anniversary of my sweetie going home. This morning, I was sitting in my house, and memories started flooding in.  Memories of our Christmases together.  So, this led to me browsing the photos, looking at pictures.  Pictures of her,...

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I get by with a lot of help from my friends

My dear friends and family. Thank you. As you know, a week ago this past Tuesday, I had a right knee replacement. I am overwhelmed by the love and caring that each and every one of you has shown. This has been a perfect demonstration of community, love, and caring....

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The Gift

As we approach Christmas Eve, it is way too easy to get caught up in the emotions and pain of Terry Flue going home. I have to admit that it is hard, even at year two. But, I do feel God working on me. For example, signs have been coming at me lately, reminding me...

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