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Another Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. It’s kind of weird thinking that I am “this old”. Yet, I have to say that I am feeling pretty good for a guy my age. I am declaring that I am moving forward. I am not going to let...

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My Testimony

Written in 1989. I know this now, however, before I met Christ, I did not know the importance of His order in my life.  Yet, despite all my lopsidedness, my resistance, my hard heartedness, God still cared for me. I didn’t...

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My role models

Similarities with Dad, Mom, Terry, and I.
Mom and Dad were married for 46 years. Terry and I will celebrate our 45th anniversary this year.
In July of 1991, Mom and Dad took an Alaska cruise.

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Re-Impact – A new chapter for me

September 25, 2016
Many know, that I have been struggling with deciding whether to retire, or not.
Because I feel such a strong bond with the love of my life, Terry, I have struggled with deciding when it is time to pull the plug and spend more time with her and caring for us.
This all started last year, and has been on-going.  First, it was going to be in May, then July, August, or September.  Lately, I was thinking about October.
You see, part of my DNA is that I need to have things planned out.

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