Category: Messages to Terry

From your Son

There is a huge part of me that wishes I was able to speak at your life celebration. But I didn’t have anything formally prepared and I didn’t think I would be able to keep my composure in front of an audience. If I...

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Some words from your daughter

12/24/2016 Hey my beautiful mommy.  I guess you got the official invite to Jesus’ birthday party.  I guess he felt you needed to be there to help him celelbrate his birth.  I guess he felt your pain and suffering on earth...

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Terry’s Eulogy

Terry and I had over 45 wonderful years together.  And, I  must admit that over the course of this time, we have had called each other many names.  So, if you hear names, such as my Baby Poor, my Honey, my Sweetie, Precious,...

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Lillies Poem

Grandma, I wonder where you keep your wings. Are they hung in your closet with the rest of your things? Do you put them away and just use them at night or give them to grandpa to polish up bright. I know you have wings, for this...

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