Moving Forward in A New Journey

Life Changes – Our Purpose Changes

After Terry went home to be with our Lord, my life’s path set out on a new journey.  God has now given me a new purpose in life.  Or, has this been there all along?  My new mission is to Re-impact – to serve and give hope, love, and support to those following me in the paths of life that we have in common.  May this new path in my Journey be comfort and a living testimony.

Lean In

So, day before yesterday I had my right knee replaced. This followed my left knee two years ago. Going in, I had some familiarity with what was to happen. I must say that I was very nervous. Not for the surgery, but for what would happen after surgery. I can't stand...

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The Dash Dash

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a very, very good friend, Lyle Bates.  Lyle and Shelley were Terry and my best friends when we lived in Parkland.  In 1979-1980, being a fire chief, and new to the community, I didn't have many friends outside of the fire...

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Happy Anniversary

Honor Your Wife October 22 - on this day, Terry and I were united as husband and wife.  After 45 years together, she got to go to Heaven, where God prepares a place for us.  As I reflect on our marriage, I have so many awesome, warm memories of our time together. ...

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife. 10-18-1950. What a glorious day! For on this day, God sent you into the world! Who would know that 21 years later, He would unite you and I forever. Who would know that after 45 years together, you would get to go home to be with...

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Move forward

Today, someone who I have considered a friend told me that it was time for me "to get over it". That really threw me for a loop. After all, that was the first time that someone has said that to me. It really struck me hard, and frankly, it set off some very strong,...

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Sixth Stage of Grief

They say that there are five stages of grief; Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.   I haven’t gone through “stages” of this process.  Quite the opposite.  I would describe this, not as a process or stages, but more like waves at the ocean.  On many...

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I Am the Lucky One

Fathers Day, 2018. I am the lucky one. I had a father growing up that was there for me.  We camped together as a family, we were in scouts together, he loved me, he disciplined me, he showed me, through his actions, how to be a man; how to love his wife, how to love...

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Easter Sadness and Hope

If Jesus had not been born, lived here on earth, crucified and died, and then resurrected, what would we have?  If He remained in that grave, what hope would we have?  If he had not fulfilled His promise in John 14:3 "And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will...

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At first, I was a little uncomfortable heading into Valentines Day.  After all, it is a day that we celebrate the love of our life; hearts, flowers, candies, dinners, romance, special times.  It's easy to swing over to the side that this is for those who are together...

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